This Police Department used new promotions to get more messages.

This Police Department used new promotions to get more messages.


A shift in focus to more promotion led to an increase in citizen messages.


Peabody, MA


Law Enforcement

The Peabody Police Department has always been progressive, looking for new tools and platforms to provide better service.

For a long time they focused just on text message tips. While they received some, they soon realized the product had some drawbacks, and that police apps were the future. They also needed a shift to get people to use the new products and make citizens aware of what they could do.

A shift to get more responses

The Peabody Police really shifted focus to actively promote their message forms, both on the MyPD app and the MyPD web forms. They placed the web tip form on their website in the header and other locations. They promoted the app often on social media and at events. They now say they get multiple messages every week from the app and website forms, including questions and crime tips.

They are always contacting us requesting more ways to market their app. The latest idea was to create some posters for the schools which they printed in large form and placed around different schools in the city. We were glad to design and print those for them.


Promoting your services to citizens is essential. Making it easy find forms and resources will get you more contact and information.

  • Check your websites, header images, social media for text and graphics and links that make services, like apps, or web forms, easy to find
  • Consider other ways to get the word out, events, posters, partner businesses.

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