This community used MyPD to capture homicide suspects.

This community used MyPD to capture homicide suspects.


For years citizens have been using apps to send police tips and help solves crimes.



Tips are valuable, they come in from citizens who want to reduce crime and improve the community through technology.

Years ago when MyPD launched the Saginaw Michigan Police did a great job with telling their citizens about the app and how to use it. The tips flowed in and they even even had 2 arrests in homicide cases from the tips.

The headline from Michigan Live read – Smartphone app has led to arrests in two Saginaw homicide cases, Sgt. says – the article goes on to talk about the tips they received in general.

Sometimes, he said, tips come in a day or so after detectives have learned the information, and “it kind of validates or confirms what the detectives already found out, which is good,” Williams said.

The tips can help detectives determine “how and where” something happened and have been helpful in other investigations, too, he said.

“We get a lot of tips on drug houses and blighted homes,” Williams said, noting people can choose to give a name and contact information or may remain anonymous.”

Ease of use is key to citizen engagement

When MyPD first launched there were no other police apps around that did the same thing. Over the years multiple other apps have popped up, copying our idea and features. We are fine with that, if communities get safer overall, then we were glad to lead the way.

Through the years we have all become more dependent on technology, we use it daily now. Now apps and phones, are a daily part of our lives. We use them to accomplish a variety of tasks. They are part of what we do and who we are. Along with that we all want things done quickly and easily. This was always the goal with the My Police Department app. To create an easy to use citizen app that gets the job done, messages are sent quickly, and the app is available when you need it, with your 24/7 on your phone.

When police departments provide apps and the community is aware of them, they will engage with police, to fix issues and improve the community.


Things have come a long way since 2011 when MyPD launched. But some things remain the same.

  • People want modern, well designed apps, that provide ease of use.
  • Citizens will use apps, if police and law enforcement make those resources known.
  • Tips can be about small daily things, or even solve murders.
  • Apps will keep evolving and require new design and updates

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