Why Use MyPD

My Police Department gets the job done. A low cost tool for your community. Stay on budget and provide the tools your community needs.

Other App 1
$ 25k+
just a clone, dated design No Thanks
Social Network
$ Free?
Nothing is Free, public and users are the product Not Falling For It
MyPD App
$ Small Fee
We carea about your users and your features Sign Us Up!
Future Design future update included? No No
App and Web Push Push to user computer / app No No
Easy Contract Low Fee, No Long Requirement No No
Data and Privacy Data protection, and sharing? No No
Web Forms Included Tips, Commendations, Questions No No
Dashboard with Analytics Info on push, downloads, and more No No

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  • Police app featured on fox news
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“Great! A great tool if your local department is here. If it's not contact you local department and let them know you want this resource. .”

Google User
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“Great app Its great to the community.”

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“Good app Informative and useful. Hope more police departments use it soon.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a nominal fee, probably the smallest tech fee you will have.

Besides out better design and features, the only other difference is your "name" in the app store. If you think that name in the app store is worth spending tens of thousands on, then please go right ahead. We think MyPD gives you everything you need though and the best return on investment... All you need to do is say "Our app is MyPD" and your citizens will do the rest!

Sure, go download MyPD and choose a department to look at.

We get thousands of requests a year from citizens. We can't force your agency to join, but you can! Just email the Chief and tell them you want them to join. They usually respond to citizens and your voice is the best.

There is a small annual fee, but it includes everything!

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